About Us

You might think what is this “Instruments Of Life” is all about? Let me explain: Whoever we are, Whatever we do right now in this world is happening from the bases of life.

The experience of life is happening for us only because of our sense perceptions which are “what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste and what you touch”.
These are the five senses which are the bases of your life experience. These things are happening only through 4 fundamental forms which are “your body, your mind, your emotions and your energies”. What I’m trying to tell you here is the human body and human mind are improved miraculously in the process of evolution.

I say; these are the two instruments (Body & Mind) that which makes a human being as a human being.

Here in Instrumentsoflife.com will give you basic steps which helps you to understand the success in our lives is how effectively we are using this two instruments (Body and Mind).

Using our Body and Mind the way we wanted will determine how effective we are in the world and in our personal life.

If you are serious about your life, you need to know how does body and mind works.

If you feel that your life deserves some attention, you must invest your time and energy to know the truth of life. Instrumentsoflife is to motivate you and inspire you to know what does it mean to say a successful life.

If you want a successful career and peaceful personal life, it is extremely important to take responsibility of yourself on being aware of your life and we are here to educate you on how you can do that!

Here what I’m trying to tell you is the most important faculties of our life is our body and mind. If we know how to handle it well, life will become magical.

I strongly recommend that you visit our web page regularly because being successful is a skill that you can learn and we are here to guide you and motivate you on your way to success!

Instrumentsoflife helps you to use your Mind and your Body the way you wanted that ultimately leads to taking mastery of destiny of your life.

Who Am I:

I’m Anil Krishna, a seeker of Life.